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Riddles Sorted By Rating (By Users)

Title Date Added Rating
Sign and Countersign 2011-05-20 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Who Owns the Fish? 2011-06-21 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Stick Up 2014-02-11 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Crime Riddles: Dead Wife 2012-04-18 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Power Outage 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Feeling Poor 2010-05-16 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
First on Earth 2012-07-31 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Password 2010-12-06 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Words And Letters Riddles 2012-04-04 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
To Switzerland 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Escape The Wild 2011-11-06 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Power 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Bus Driver 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Homicidal Suicide 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
What Question? 2011-03-28 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
The Murder Mystery 2012-02-22 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
What Word... 2002-08-10 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Death By Bridge 2010-06-08 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Einstein's Riddle 2010-10-16 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
20-Story Building 2011-12-01 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Sticky Situation 2012-06-20 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
How You Miss Me 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Exclusive Club 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
What Do They Have? 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
True Story 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Inside or Out? 2011-03-05 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Horse Race 2010-04-12 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Seas Without Water 2010-08-11 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Simpe Math or Not? 2011-04-10 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Hole To Hole 2012-03-21 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff

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Newly Added

Title Date Added Rating
Call For Help 2014-04-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Which Barber 2014-04-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Never Goes Up 2014-04-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
The Package 2014-03-25 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Car Note 2014-03-24 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Lost Without Me 2014-03-20 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Night flight 2014-03-18 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Fruit Bird Riddle 2014-03-13 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Cant Hide 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Sick Bird Riddle 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Talking Bird 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
No Tail 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Caught In the Rain 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Toothless Bear 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Only Two Letters 2014-03-07 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Pretty Girl 2014-03-07 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Everyone Has It 2014-03-07 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Hot Snowman 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Expensive Fish Riddle 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Bone Barbecue 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
The Coach 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Skunk In Court 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Never Sings 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Leopard Bath 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
What Did The Bread Say 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Skeleton Meal 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Space Ship Baby 2014-02-24 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Hard Water 2014-02-24 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Incomplete Sequence 2014-02-24 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Bedtime Riddle 2014-02-24 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff

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