Riddles for Kids

Collection of fun riddles for kids and young adults. Spending time to do riddles with your kids teaches them problem solving skills and it\'s a good way to keep them entertained, while exercising their brains. Many of these kid friendly riddles are also silly, perhaps will make your kids laugh.

Riddles Date Added Rating
Paid Bill? 2015-11-06 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Noodle 2015-05-05 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
367 Dollars 2015-05-03 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Cat And Mouse 2015-01-18 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
How Did The Boat Sink? 2015-01-18 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Many Hearts 2014-12-29 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
The Barn 2014-10-26 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Cold Magic 2014-10-03 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Twenty-Four Heads 2014-07-20 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Fly Bun 2014-04-21 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Cant Hide 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Sick Bird Riddle 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Talking Bird 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
No Tail 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Caught In the Rain 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Toothless Bear 2014-03-12 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Hot Snowman 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Expensive Fish Riddle 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Bone Barbecue 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
The Coach 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Skunk In Court 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Never Sings 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Leopard Bath 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
What Did The Bread Say 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Skeleton Meal 2014-02-28 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff