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Can you solve this riddle?

A man named Mark challenges you to test your logic on a card game. The rules are simple: he lays out 5 cards facedown (labeled card 1, card 2, card 3, card 4, and card 5 from left to right), and you have to guess what the cards are in 3 guesses. The cards have to be an ace, a jack, a queen, a king, and a 10 of any suit. The five cards must consist of all the suits (that is, at least one club, at least one heart, at least one spade, and at least one diamond). No consecutive ranks or colors of cards can be adjacent (clubs and spades are black, hearts and diamonds are red). This is your conversation with Mark:

YOU: Do I get any hints?

MARK: Well, I don't think you will win, so I'll tell you that the two clubs are separated by only one card. Also, the queen is a diamond.

YOU: Okay. My first guess is that card 3 is an ace.

MARK: (smiling) That is incorrect.

YOU: Okay. Well, my second guess is that card 1 is a club, card 2 is a heart, and card 3 is a club.

MARK: (grinning more widely) Only one of the cards you guessed is correct, but I will not tell you which.

YOU: I know what all of the cards are now.

How do you know what the cards are, and what are the cards on the table?


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