Riddle: Just Desserts

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Can you solve this riddle?

I involve some animals,
Around two.
One was used so much long ago,
But now its use has softened.
The other one is a swimmer,
For it swims quite often.
I can be sad when I want to be sad,
And even angry, too.
But, nevertheless, I can be happy, overjoyed, and glad!
I can be shiny and beautiful,
But I have a hollowness within me,
And I can sometimes look dull.
I am the smallest in my family,
But I have the merriest voice
Because it is highest.
I'm not that heavy,
So you can carry me up and down; you have the choice!
But don't hurt me too much,
Or wear me out,
because part of me will burst,
And I will not speak in my tone of beauty to you
To serve you just desserts.

So take a guess
And we shall see
Just who exactly could I be?


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