Riddle: The Smart Girl

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There once was a Queen who had two sons and a daughter. The Queen and King was elderly and sick and dying. Before they die, they wanted to give all their wealth to the wisest person out of the three. The Queen walked into an empty room with the daughter and sons and said, "I will give you each ten dollars. You each need to buy something from the store that uses no electricity that can fit in your pocket and can fill this whole room. Whoever buys it will get our gold." They all rushed off. The sons were teasing their sister saying, "She can't win she's a girl. That's one person that we don't have to worry about. If we work together we can surely win. If you help me, I'll split the money with you." The first son said. The second son said, "But mom won't let us work together."
"Well I can buy something that can't fill the room and we can work together and you can use your money and buy the object that can win, that we worked together to come up with." The second son agreed. The first son came with a pocket stuffed full with feathers, but it only covered a fraction of the floor. The second son came with a pocket full of thread spools, the object that they both came up with, but even unraveled, it covered only the floor. They were angry but surprised. Then the daughter came along. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a simple object. An object with no electricity but when she used it, it filled the whole room. What was it?


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