Riddle: The Dead Man and the Pencil

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There was a double appartment building with 100 floors. A woman living on the 100th floor was good friends with a man also living on the 100th floor, a Mr.Barker. The woman noticed that Mr.Barker hadn't come out of his apartment for about a week, so the woman called the police to see why. When the police came to Mr.Barker's apartment, he wouldn't awnser the door so the police had no choice but to knock the door down. When they did, in the room was nothing but a broken pencil on the floor, a dead man sitting in a chair with a bullet in his forehead, and a locked door. The man in the chair was Mr.Barker. How did Mr Baker get shot if the door was locked from the inside and no one was in the room? HINT: Think about the pencil.


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