What is it?

A collection of What is It? riddles. They are pretty similar to the What Am I Riddles. Enjoy and don't twist your brain too much trying to figure these out!

Riddles Date Added Rating
Ship Riddle 2013-06-27 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
What's the Difference 2013-06-16 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Hair Riddle 2013-06-16 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Opposite 2013-06-01 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Hands 2013-04-25 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
The Word 2013-04-23 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Tricky after Dark 2013-04-21 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Dog Riddle 2013-04-21 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
P and E Riddle 2013-03-24 staronstaronstaronstaronstaroff
Figure it Out Riddle 2013-03-13 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Beginning of Eternity 2013-03-09 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Think a Little Harder 2013-03-03 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff
Room Riddle 2013-03-03 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
What is it a Potatoe? 2013-02-26 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Riddle 2013-01-23 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
What is it Riddle: Wheels and Flys 2013-01-21 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
What is it you know? 2012-12-21 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
The Car 2012-11-30 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Mask 2012-11-21 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Cranberry Blues 2012-11-19 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Eyes & Legs 2012-11-17 staroffstaroffstaroffstaroffstaroff
Truth Be Told 2012-07-18 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Thing 2012-07-18 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
Lessons 2012-07-18 staronstaronstaronstaroffstaroff
What Gets Fat? 2012-07-18 staronstaronstaroffstaroffstaroff